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Paper by FiftyThree is a must-have app for people who want simple and amazing digital notebooks.

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What do you think about Paper by FiftyThree? Do you recommend it? When starting the app, Paper View full description. CONS In-app purchases are expensive. Softonic review Advertisement. Call Recorder for iPhone Free: Download Paper by FiftyThree 2. Free Download for iPhone. This makes a bad situation even worse - because the right journal is even harder to locate.

Sorry for ranting. I want to love this app, but this was just a totally boneheaded move. Please bring back the list mode, and if you must develop the UI in a skeuomorphic direction, please try to do so without making it harder to use efficiently.

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  5. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

    Capture all your ideas on digital paper

    This update implements the new double tap gesture for Apple Pencil 2. After a team checkup at the optometrist, we've made some refinements to the visual depth of field effects introduced in the last update. Thanks for the helpful feedback. And if you notice an improvement, feel free to update your review in the App Store. We actually do read every single one. This version also fixes a rendering bug for text notes, and should improve the reliability of the pinch-to-zoom gesture.

    There are also some impressive optimizations we were able to make which should improve overall speed and performance. This update adds a some subtle visual polish to the navigation views for devices that support specific SceneKit features. We've also spruced up the settings menu, and made our "How to Use Paper" videos easier to find.

    Editors' Review

    This version brings two essential features to the full screen canvas view. We've also localized Paper for our Dutch speaking customers. This update fixes an infrequent bug that prevented newly synced pages from correctly appearing in the canvas editor.

    What's The Apps: Paper by FiftyThree

    Now the pages will appear as expected. Stability and performance improvements for synced journals. The Diagram Tool has relearned an old trick: You can add arrowheads to strokes created with the Diagram Tool by holding still for a moment at the end of any stroke. Then just tap to save one or both of the arrowheads that appear. This release also contains some sync bug fixes and performance optimizations.

    Journal sync is finally here. Customers can now sync their journals between iOS devices via iCloud. Your journals will be with you wherever you go. And your creations will be safely backed up should anything happen to your iPad or iPhone. Now journals keep to themselves. Paper PRO subscribers can select multiple pages at a time.

    FiftyThree, Maker of Popular Paper and Paste Apps, Gets Acquired

    Copy and paste is a terrible thing to waste. We mainly worked on improving stability. Perspective grids, device mockups, writing guides, planning guides, and comic frames. The interview has been condensed for length. Talk about why you sold FiftyThree. How long have you been in acquisition talks for? Georg Petschnigg: But then the conversations started in earnest a few months after we launched Paste, our team collaboration product [in November ]. We crossed Manhattan several times. Then a few days later, I met with cofounding shareholder Damian [Bradfield] in London. And it was very clear that this was meant to happen.

    Had you been talking to any other companies about acquisition? Over the last seven years? Oh, jeez. There have been various talks in different forms and different phases. But the thing that has always given us the most joy is figuring out how to put technology in service for creativity, and it turns out there are a lot of people who say they provide those services, and a lot of people who truly believe in it and do it every day. We felt that was the case here. What was your goal then, and how did that reflect what apps and the App Store were like at that point in time time?

    Paper by WeTransfer | Simple Sketch App

    When you look at the founding team at FiftyThree, we came from two very different parts of Microsoft. One hand was working on productivity tools—Word, Powerpoint, Excel—essentially making people more efficient, squeezing more performance out of the brain. And the other hand you had folks from Xbox and a lot of entertainment products, ensuring that people went back to their leisure time. Something about the human experience was lost between those two. Maybe it was going to be the next-generation magazine, with publishers creating new magazine formats.

    Maybe it was going to be the next big video service. When we looked at it, we clearly saw the iPad for creativity. That lead to the Paper app, where you could take the ideas in your head and quickly translate them via your fingertips into ink strokes. The next step for us then, which really started in , was to think through the stylus as a tool. That ended up leading to the development of Pencil. Yes, hardware is hard but when you look at our founding hardware team I mean John Ikeda was part of the development team that created the original Xbox controller; our head of engineering led engineering at Sonos; our product manager who was running the program ran the supply chain for Sonos as well.

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