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This isn't even particularly revealing, really; it's just nice to hear the people who built the platforms confirm it. Here's the takeaway, once again: Stop closing your apps, because it's not doing you any good. But if you want to know why, it helps to have a basic understanding of how multitasking works. On iOS, for instance, there are five different states an app can be in at any given time. Android's setup is similar enough that we don't need to go over both. Not Running is obvious: You haven't launched it, it's not running.

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Active is up on the screen and doing stuff. Inactive is a transitional phase, where it's on the screen but not doing anything as you switch to something else. Background is when the app isn't in front of your face but is working, refreshing your emails or bringing in the latest fire tweets.

Last, there's Suspended, which is when an app is in the background and doing absolutely nothing. It just sits in memory like a bump on a log. On both Android and iOS, algorithms run memory management. They'll close apps that need to be closed, typically ones that have been dormant for a while or are using more power or memory than they should. And they're very good at knowing when you're going to need data, or want a refresh, or open an app again. Apps that are already in memory open quickly, rather than having to fully start again; it's like waking your computer from sleep rather than rebooting it completely.

You're far, far better off letting the system work for you rather than forcing it to re-open and re-start everything every time.

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  • Battery questions aside, it makes your phone slower and less coherent. If you're into saving battery, there are lots of things you can do.

    Why you should stop closing apps to save battery life

    Turn down screen brightness. Turn off background refresh for apps. Turn off location sharing for apps that don't need it which is a good idea regardless. Put the whole thing in Airplane Mode, if you're feeling really crazy. Nvm on my orientation screen rotation question. It just started working out of the blue. Go figure. As for swiping up to close apps, that's iPad only. On the iPhone, you still have to double tap the home but which also works on iPad btw.

    Restrict data usage

    This was a key feature discussed in the keynote speech when ios 7 was first unveiled and has been the wat to close apps since ios 7 was released. I have a very first iphone 4 and unfortunately have updated FW upto iOS 7. Applications do not fully terminate even if I swipe them off from the termination panel. Skype and several other apps go on showing push-messages. Rebooting doesn't help.

    Is it a bug or a feature? Internet is great mostly when geting infos. So i ask myself if i am a idiot or all the happyfeedback writers. Mostly the majority is right. Exeptions like 3 tes Reich with Nazis are exeptions only right? Double-click the Home button to bring up the multitasking view. Swipe up the screenshot of the app you want to exit.

    The app will fly off the screen, and release its resources to the OS. I was upset for a few hours till I read your article. Thank you! Slide the app upward. Yeah its more like select and slide rather than swipe Ah - it's obvious now: Thank god, you saved my life! This doesn't seem to work in OS7 for my iPad mini? So many new things. When I search in my text messages I cannot see anything if I type in my contacts entire name.

    Thats was really not so obvious.

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    • Slide the app upward Worked! Nice TYVM. So helpful! Thanks so much. Thanks guys. Wonderful tip! I have been searching and trying to figure it out. Now I can go to bed. Thnk you.

      How To Close Apps On iOS7 (iPhone/ iPad/ and Others) and Save Battery Life

      Thanks for sharing! Thank you!! So much!! I was getting so mad! So easy and obvious, but I could not figure this out. Thank you for the info! I finally learned how to do it. Thanks a ton mate! Thanks easy and great to know this Thank you for the help. If your app will not behave in any way do this and restart the app and it should be fine again. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts.

      How to close iPhone Apps | 5 Tips for a longer iPhone Battery life

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