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Would you mind providing me with your DefaultDeviceProfiles. Perhaps I missed an area by mistake. I'd like to compare. Thank you so much for your efforts. I am attaching my DefaultDeviceProfiles. I am thinking that there are two possible causes left: Something is wrong with my iPhone 6 Plus.

I doubt it, because I don't have any other problems with it, but I will try to find some more devices to do some tests. Is there any way you can perform a test to such a device, just to narrow our possibilities down? I've been looking at this today. On OpenGL it is working fine for me with a scale factor of 2 if fine is a black screen with the virtual joysticks, but no crash. However, the log posted with this issue is showing a scale factor of 0 which means use the optimal scale factor of 2.

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Even with that I am still not failing on OpenGL with 4. In order for the crash to occur, you must have a complex scene. On simple scenes it doesn't crash for me either. Additionally, this is device specific. The crash occurs on both scale factors, 0 and 2. I am testing this on an iPhone 6 Plus.

Infinity Blade 3 won't start on my iPad Air

Even if I figure this out today, I don't recommend trying to release a game with any engine preview. Set your Mobile Scale Factor to 1 and release your game. You can always update it once there is a good fix which should happen before 4.

Infinity Blade 3 crashing/Clashmob question : infinityblade

Thanks for that Pete. We were investigating the possibility of releasing the game with Scale Factor set to 1, but there are some key things that doesnt look good on that resolution. So we have to wait for a fix Is there a different map I should be trying? This is a map that was crashing to both Samantha Sutton and me on a 6 Plus.

I assume you tried it on 4. No, I haven't tried it in 4.

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  • I'll be looking in to that in a moment, but I wanted to get the crash in both before focusing on one fix over the other. However, if I pass -nomsaa looks like there is no editor property , then it runs in Metal as well. I know we aren't doing anymore 4. Great news Pete. Thank you very much.

    What if i build 4. Will your fix be there before the next launcher preview version release? The fix should show up in GitHub in a couple of hours at the most MetalTexture. Actually, I talked with some other of our Metal guys and my fix is not a good one. However, I just noticed in your device profiles that you have set r. Change those back to 0 or 1 and see if that works for your device. That may be all you need to get a release out for now.

    Game crashes on launch on some devices

    I've set r. It doesnt crash if i launch some simpler maps I have. Tried with Metal both enabled and disabled. Still crashes. The log file is identical as the one i have initially posted in this thread and it ends abruptly. I have my game set to r.

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    I'm thinking this it the same problem. You said you had a fix but not a good one. Has this been fixed in 4. Pete stated to set r. MobileMSAA to 0 or 1, not 2 or 4. UE has been resolved for 4. I am unable to reproduce this with the project you sent with preview 3 or 4, so at this point, it seems more likely you are out of memory on the device with the larger levels. Do you have a crash dump from the device? That may show us at least which thread it is crashing in. Yes, my iPod 5th Gen, as with most Apple products they get updated every one or two years, I will get the 6th Gen in a heartbeat provided of course it comes with better specs that can run high-end games flawlessly; my iPod is more of a gaming device than anything else.

    I'll definitely still have use for this iPod though, it's good for music, web browsing and YouTube, my latest and greatest iDevice will be for gaming. Interesting to get someone else's perspective. As someone who has owned an iPod touch 4th gen since Oct'10 I'm finding 3 years later the only reason I can think of buying an iPod touch 5th gen for is for the faster processing, a fresh battery and the ability to use ios7 upwards and the presently very few apps that require it.

    Not really sufficient reason to step up for me knowing that by this time iPod touch 5 will have been tossed aside by apple as readily as they have tossed aside the iPod touch 4 now. Yeah, I guess it all depends on your usage, I've a friend who has an iPod 3G who won't upgrade because all he ever use it for is music and it still works. I've a friend who use an iPad Mini for work; no funny games and the Mini to him has everything he needed; lightweight, performs well, easy to store and carry around, etc.

    For me, my iPod it's purely for gaming! P and with all games and specifications, you'll always need the latest and greatest to run high-end games.

    infinity blade 3 crashing

    Worst to worst if I need to recover my loss I'll sell off my iPod touch 5, but I know I can do so many things with the 5 I will just keep it. Apr 23, Messages: Did you find a solution to this problem. I try to run Infinity Blade, and it crashes while opening. I deleted it and downloaded it again Hasty Expand Collapse. Jun 2, Messages: Infinity Blade is very demanding graphically. Almost certainly it's an out of memory problem. The trouble lies in the fact that the base memory is shared with the graphics chip and the iPad1 has only mb whereas the the iPad2 has Your options are run an app like XsysInfo, or exit background apps by double tapping the home button and killing individual apps, and or rebooting the iPad before you run the game.

    The Alternative Expand Collapse. Jul 11, Messages: Theoretically background apps should release memory when it's required but I suspect it's the implementation thats the problem. Some may be tenacious Had the Trainz app on my iPad1's and it would always crash on loading until I started clearing ram before I gave it to our three year old. When checking there was often only 7mb available whereas after using Xsysinfo it would climb back to c.

    May 20, Messages: Same problem I'm having the same problem of Infinity Blade crashing at start up. I tried to start playing the game today when I found out about the new version. I haven't played it in months was level 43 so it did work , and had problems starting it today. I finally got it to start one time, played a battle and then it crashed.