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Civilization Revolution 2 1.0.0

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Redmond Pie's Latest. And we can focus our efforts on developing our culture and art, basing our strength in economic power in order to be the first to reach the industrial revolution, among many other events of vital importance for humanity. So in Civilization Revolution 2 not only we have to fight, because the search for resources, research, diplomacy or exploring, among other actions, will be as or more important than their own territorial conquests. Gaming and having fun so if I could be able to download this, That'd be great.

Thank you.

How To Download Civilization Revolution 2 For Free On Android - Sid Meier Civilization Revolution 2-

Give me my game. I won't do anything bad with it. Mostly the fact that I get to write a fun little article before each time, because who doesn't enjoy being forced to do things for no foreseeable reason. Civilization Revolution 2 turns the classic Civ turn-based strategy gameplay into something a little less complicated in order to port the experience to iPhone, and later to Android devices, adapting the classic title to touch screen interfaces.

The objective remains the same, but not the way you triumph over your enemies. Expand your territory and influence through all the corners of the world, getting rid of your enemies while gaining allies to your cause.

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  • For those who know nothing about Civilization series, this game requires the best of your skills in developing new technologies , managing your population and army and avoiding dangerous conflicts against empires much greater your own from the beginning. Following the graphical style of the previous title developed for consoles, the general aspect of Civilization Revolution 2 is friendlier than the original series.

    Civilization Revolution - Version | Free Download Apps & Games |

    This feature may not charm every player, but the gameplay tries to emulate the essence of the original installments. The size of the world is enough for getting lost trying to expand your empire through your current frontiers; however, the lack of a useful mini-map on screen may confuse the users late in the game, when you have your units deployed through the whole stage. Technically speaking the title for mobile devices is correct with good designs, but in later events, the frame rate can go down easily just like any other previous Civilization title.

    Unstoppable units ready for combat. Since the gameplay has been designed only for touch screen interfaces, Civilization Revolution 2 has been simplified in order to be more comfortable to play. Menus and actions have been deeply simplified , and so has the AI, which makes the game much easier.

    Also available in other platforms

    This installment to download only for mobile devices has taken the classic concept of the Civilization game series and turned it into something more passive, lacking the former danger of taking wrong decisions. Each faction has several free bonuses that affect to the difficulty, such as more ability to conquer camps or to build cheaper roads.

    The essential elements of the series still remain in this mobile app. The battle for resources will take your intrepid version in overcoming all kinds of challenges while you strengthen your military power with the discovery of a new technology for your cause. The technology tree remains a central part, using your resources to develop advantages with medicine and new diplomatic ways to convince other enemies to join your side.

    Civilization Revolution for iPhone is Free

    Despite the changes, Civilization Revolution 2 is an excellent and enjoyable app for your smartphone. Simple management of your cities. Civilization Revolution 2 1. Classic tactical turn-based strategy gameplay in the palm of your hand Reenact all kinds of free historic battles and events from different perspectives in the Scenario Mode Graphic style optimized for mobile devices with colorful models New gameplay elements like wonders and buildings to build like Silicon Valley or The Red Cross Build powerful and unstoppable units with new technologies.

    For additional information, check the official website through this link and enjoy the Civilization experience with a simple download.

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