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Download Talking Tom Cat for Android. Talking Tom Cat lets players take care of a pet cat named Talking Tom. Players can pet, feed and talk to the cat.

Letterpress is a brilliant game of verbal chess that has you duelling with your opponent over a tight grid of jumbled letters.

What’s the Word Answers: Level 22

More of a text adventure than an outright puzzler, Device 6 nonetheless plays with words in a uniquely ingenious, mobile-focused way. Another great word game from the maker of SpellTower, TypeShift is a concise and stylish blend of anagrams, word searches, and crosswords. Like the original Alphbear, this sequel is all about forming words to create huge bear-like blocks.

It's very cute, very silly, and very moreish. Alphapit is a word puzzler that manages to feel genuinely fresh, taking the basic premise of a word search and granting you expansive powers over the grid. Proving the diverse potential of word games, Spellspire is an action RPG where your attacks are powered by your vocabulary.

It brings a whole new meaning to the term 'spell casting'. The humble crossword meets the word jumble in this inspired word game supergroup. This stylishly streamlined word game hones things right down to just two antonyms at a time. Add in a novel word entry system, and each puzzle becomes an ingenious logical conundrum. One of the most original word games in ages, Supertype adds a physics-based puzzler angle, so the shape and size of the letter makes all the difference.

A game that's interested in the potential humour and wounding power of words rather than any brain-tickling puzzle mechanics. Building outlandish insult combos is great fun. Everyone knows about Words With Friends, the online Scrabble-like that even your mother plays.

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You can't deny its inviting, easy-going power. The master of freemium time wasters like Candy Crush Saga takes on the word game genre with typical poise. AlphaBetty Saga takes Scrabble and applies King's familiar bite-sized objectives structure. Lex takes the familiar word-forming structure and cranks the speed dial up to max.

It's a brutal game that will have even the most fluent wordsmith sweating. Restricting you to just four letter words sounds like an oddly restrictive stipulation, but Four Letters builds a compellingly accessible score chaser out of it. As the name suggests, Haste pitches you and another player against the clock in competitive multiplayer word-forming action. It's hectic alright. Letterpad's neat word association twist has you finding words, in a jumble of nine letter tiles, that relate to the word on screen. You can even play it on your Apple Watch, if you have one.

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An inventive word game from the makers of Quell, Highrise Heroes combines word forming with strategic block busting and an intriguing disaster narrative. Syllablade isn't quite as involved or engrossing, but it's still great fun to play - and arguably a little more mobile-friendly. Share On twitter Share On twitter Share. Share On email Share On email Email.

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    The price - Free Available for - iPhone, iPad. Minimalist design, maximum fun. The price - Free Available for - iPhone and iPad. You spy with your little eye For font enthusiasts.

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    The Nightmare Cooperative. Band Land. You think you know a lot about music? We'll see about that, buddy.