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Test 1: Distant subject, sunny, 3x zoom

There are smartphones with cameras - like the HTC One and iPhone - and then there are cameras with smartphones. These handsets sport some of the best, highest-quality cameras you'll find on any phone and easily beat the images captured by typical point-and-shoot cameras. But just as the S4 Zoom and Lumia differ from the rest of the smartphone market, so too do they differ from each other.

The Lumia is a Windows Phone 8 device with a 4. Only one of these smartphones can be crowned the best camera phone on the planet. Which one will it be? The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, though a derivative of the standard Galaxy S4, is wildly different in terms of both size and weight than its sibling. Measuring 4.

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Beyond its size, the S4 Zoom has a polycarbonate read: Users will also face a dilemma in how to place the Zoom down. Lay it on the display, and you risk scratching the screen: Nokia's Lumia is far sexier than the utilitarian S4 Zoom. Sporting a more traditional smartphone design, the Lumia measures a relatively pocket-friendly 5.

Nokia wisely chose to offer users an optional camera grip for the rather than including a built-in grip that would otherwise increase the phone's bulk, like Samsung did with the Zoom. On the flip side, the Lumia requires an optional camera grip to mount the phone on a tripod. The Galaxy S4 Zoom, on the other hand, has a tripod mount built into its body.

The Lumia may carry the same basic design as the rest of Nokia's Lumia line, but that makes it far more attractive and easier to carry in your pocket than the bulky Galaxy S4 Zoom. Unlike the standard Galaxy S4, which includes a 5-inch and p display, the S4 Zoom comes with a 4. But don't let the Zoom's smaller size and lower resolution fool you. This handset's screen produces colors so vibrant that it easily outclasses its larger sibling. The S4 Zoom and standard S4 share similar brightness ratings of lux and lux, respectively, but the S4 Zoom's smaller display means you get less content on screen at once.

The Nokia Lumia sports a bright, colorful, 4. Images looked spectacular on the 's screen during our tests, as did video.

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The Nokia's display did, however, prove slightly dimmer than the S4 Zoom, measuring lux to the Samsung's Blacks on the Lumia were endlessly deep and bright whites were blinding. When placed next to the Galaxy S4 Zoom, however, the Lumia's display looked slightly oversaturated. While the Nokia Lumia may have a larger, higher-resolution display, the Galaxy S4 Zoom has the Lumia beat when it comes to color saturation.

Camera phone zoom test: Lumia 1020/950 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Images were just slightly more vibrant on the Zoom than on the Lumia, giving the Samsung the win in this category. Riding on Android Jelly Bean 4. Up to 16 quick settings are available from the notification drawer, which, while overwhelming at first, prove incredibly useful over time. The Zoom's lock screen, in particular, is exceptionally useful, allowing users to unlock up to five different apps including Camera, Phone, Messaging, Google Now and Internet.

Multitasking capabilities provided by the Multi View function allow you to see two apps at the same time on one screen. There are, of course, some notable drawbacks to Samsung's UI, including the overabundance of settings and options, which can bog down the handset's performance. This fun and easy-to-use interface sports Microsoft's ubiquitous Live Tiles-based Start screen, which provides users with updates from social media and news sites at a glance.

You can also resize tiles depending on how often you use them, as well as pin and unpin apps to the Start screen. Of course, Windows Phone 8 suffers from one serious deficiency, its lack of apps. The operating system has been out for the better part of a year, but it still lacks many of today's most popular apps including Instagram, Vine and Flipboard. Though Windows Phone 8 has a slick interface, its lack of apps sinks it right out of the gate.

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  • Nokia Lumia 1020 vs. Galaxy S4 Zoom: Shoot-Off!.
  • Test 1: Sunny-ish suburban landscape!
  • Zoom champion Lumia 1020 takes on the Asus Zenfone Zoom.
  • Zoom champion Lumia takes on the Asus Zenfone Zoom;
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The Galaxy S4 Zoom may have too many options that can overwhelm new users, but at least you can get the apps you want. Samsung has bestowed the Galaxy S4 Zoom with enough camera settings and options to keep you busy for quite some time. Users can access the Camera app by holding down the dedicated camera button, tapping the Camera app shortcut or twisting the Zoom-ring. You can also access the photo gallery from the Zoom-ring. Auto, as its name implies, selects the best shooting mode for your particular situation.

Wanting to test performance of the zoom facilities in low light, I headed indoors - the iPhone 7 Plus hasn't got OIS for its telephoto lens and I wondered if this would have an impact. Here's the full scene, unzoomed, as shot by the iPhone 7 Plus's 1x lens in its native 4: Low light is a real challenge for detail and colouration. Fascinating, even if it's foiling the point of my test here!

Objectively, the iPhone 7 Plus still comes out on top here, with the correct wall colour it's white and also with the most frame detail.

Nokia Lumia1020 how to Capture moon in phone

It's true that some of this is artificial, look the edge enhancement and other digitsl processing, plus the fake gold frame is a bit muted, but it's hard to disagree that its image is best of the three. The Lumia and both introduce a reddish tint to the wall and over-saturate the frame a little too much. The Lumia frame detail looks the most natural and its image could probably be post processed in Photoshop or similar to correct the colours and bring out some extra contrast, but out of the phone there's a small overall win for the iPhone 7 Plus - again.

Every time I think about the dual lens set-up in the iPhone 7 Plus, i.

Camera phone zoom test: Lumia / vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Just as the 41MP sensor and PureView zoom system was groundbreaking, so is this - approaching 'zoom' from a totally different angle pun intended, again! Or at least until someone copies the idea. No one ever copied the Nokia PureView system verbatim partly because it became unfashionable to have thicker phones though Sony got close with their Xperia Z line, before screwing up the software , but you can bet your bottom US dollar that Apple's solution here will be cloned in the next couple of years.

Now before Lumia fans howl in protest, I want to note that I still suspect the is the best smartphone camera in the world, over all lighting conditions and use cases - it's just that zooming is its Achilles heel. Plus the likes of the now tweaked Samsung Galaxy S7 and now Apple iPhone 7 Plus are nipping at its heels in a very real way for the more general title. But the core takeaway here is that in an explicit test of zooming in camera phones, the champion Lumia has been overthrown. By a photo finish. Admittedly, in my tests, this is as lossy as you might imagine, but in good light you could probably go to a genuine 4x zoom without too much degradation ignore the 10x mock-up in the recent Apple keynote - that was faked!

Leavine a few more questions to answer, and a few topics for future features, of course, if you'd like to see them. Then there's the vanilla single-lensed iPhone, still three times the price of the Lumia , but eminently up for a more traditional 'comparator' feature. Test 1: Sunny-ish suburban landscape Here's the full scene, unzoomed, as shot by the Lumia The shot is beautifully crisp, despite my forced motion in each shot, thanks to the microsecond-level Xenon flash burst. A little typical 'yellowing' of skintones, but not a showstopper.

Interestingly, the Lumia gets close here - but I'm saving the test photos for another day! Note also the red eye, typical of the bright Xenon flash, but easily removed in Lumia Creative Studio or similar. Dead of night, with just a few weedy street lights. Some very different image processing going on here. Despite the extra pixels, the Zenfone Zoom doesn't really improve on the detail in the shot and, of the two, I think I'd pick the 's night scene as 'better, perhaps thanks to the oversampling benefits.

The Zenfone Zoom has laser focussing and this seemed to cope more easily with the dead of night, so it claws a point back for this, at least. Dead of night again, but this time I'm zoomed in on the house at the end of the road. As you might expect, once deprived of its oversampling, the Lumia 's image is now unusably noisy, while the optical zoom on the Zenfone Zoom surprised me.

In fact, you can even make out the panels on the garage door. If this were a real life image you wanted to keep, a little lightening in an editing package and you might have something useable. Adding up the points scores gives us a rather statistically incredible draw, though it's just for fun, really. After all, the commentary above hopefully shows the pros and cons of each system, so it really depends what you like taking photos of. Landscape fans will love the Zenfone Zoom, with the ability to zoom into distant landmarks and objects while keeping full resolution, while the 's comfort zone is as a jack of all trades.

Some landscape, some zoom, some low light, and the crucial human interest snaps indoors and in the evening, thanks to the proper flash. Next on my agenda here is a blow by blow comparison all features, all apps, etc. The feature here is just looking at photo quality. It goes without saying that the Zenfone Zoom is enormously faster as a phone and in terms of shot taking, plus it has a bunch of other, mainly fun, shooting modes. Of which more in an upcoming Phones Show review. The Zenfone Zoom matches the Lumia 's silhouette and there are no external moving parts unlike the K Zoom: Just bear with the mismatches in framing - the comparator's x crop from each image is going to cover a different amount of the field of view, naturally Notes: Although not shown clearly in the diagram above, the Zenfone Zoom also has OIS, though not on the same physical scale as the Lumia But both are capable of impressively long, stable exposures, when needed.

The crops below are all at 1: In addition to often requiring full 3x zoom, I've deliberately put in an emphasis on tricky subjects or conditions, to push the camera phones to the limit. All shots are handheld and all shots are with the Camera applications in fully automatic mode - how most users would use them.

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