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Download Talking Tom Cat for Android. Talking Tom Cat lets players take care of a pet cat named Talking Tom. Players can pet, feed and talk to the cat.

Click here for complete specs and pre-order information. For the more budget-conscious, Nokia is also offering the Lumia , a more mid-range version of the It will run off the same Snapdragon Processor, but feature a slightly smaller screen at 4. Click here for more information and to pre-order the Nokia Lumia Despite the East Coast being completely shut down by Hurricane Sandy, Microsoft is going full steam ahead with their Windows Phone 8 announcement today in San Francisco.

Check out the video above to see my quick look at the phone. For my thoughts, be sure to check out the video above. Pricing and availability are not being announced at this time, but this phone will be available in November.

Video Review HTC One X

The stunning Windows Phone 8X boasts an iconic design, immersive studio-quality sound and incredible camera capabilities. The 4. While we wait to find out what Google phone or phones! The new high-end smartphone from Korean smartphone giant LG, the Optimus G is a totally loaded smartphone featuring some of the highest end specs available today.

Five Best Android Phones

There are a few standout features of this new phone, detailed below. I like to tell people, when considering a product to buy, break it down into a category. Is this a purchase of primary importance? Of secondary importance? Or is it a luxury? When do you upgrade your device?

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How do you make that upgrade decision? For more info about some recent tablets, phones, and other devices, check out the following links: Archive for smartphone — Page 2. BlackBerry Black Friday Shopping Guide: High-End Smartphones. First Look at the Google Nexus 4. To order a Nexus 4, visit: First Look: What is the Optimus G? They're also masked in white for good contrast so you can see them in dim lighting without activating button backlight. It's bright, has better than life colors and excellent contrast.

Comparison of HTC devices

It doesn't have the wow appeal of the HTC One X's x display, but the One X has almost a half inch more space to fill with those pixels. It's not as fast as LTE on average, but it's pretty darned impressive. We've seen download speeds as fast as 15 Mbps on some T-Mobile 42 Mbps smartphones and Mbps up T-Mobile limits upload speeds to allow more bandwidth for downloads. Our One S now properly provisioned averaged 9Mbps down and 1. That's just a tad slower than the aptly named Samsung Blaze, which averaged It has the mobile hotspot feature so you can use the phone as a high speed wireless modem for your laptop or tablet.

Initially we had issues with voice quality, but it turns out our pre-release review unit wasn't properly provisioned. Once T-Mobile provisioned our phone properly we enjoyed excellent incoming and outgoing voice.

… this isn't the forums?

Voice on both ends was very clear with average volume and good ambient noise rejection. The phone supports WiFi calling, and this worked well in our tests. When WiFi is turned on, the phone automatically enables WiFi calling. When you turn WiFi off or exit the hotspot's range, the One S switches back to T-Mobile's cellular network for voice and data.

Wish you had a quad core Tegra 3 in your smartphone? Stop pining now. Qualcomm's new 28nm Krait with Adreno graphics kicks some serious bits and bytes. It's a low power and low heat design that's a significant improvement from the older 40nm process used in previous generation Snapdragon CPUs and it competes well with the 40nm Tegra 3. In synthetic benchmarks, the 1. In actual usage it feels very fast, and that speed doesn't degrade battery life.

Adobe Flash is responsive and demanding games play fluidly. Storage isn't expandable since it lacks an SD card slot. You know the drill: Some of you hate Sense and others love it.

Navigation menu

We like it quite well, and HTC has done a good job of letting some elements of the new ICS user interface shine through. ICS' new top right menu control remains intact, as do the web browser menu options, system settings and the new side-swipe UI for Gmail and more. HTC's turned the multitasking screen into a cover flow style affair rather than a stacked list of mini Windows, and their popular widgets like the weather and clocks are here. You'll access widgets the old fashioned way by pressing and holding the home screen rather than seeing them listed as a separate tab in the app drawer.

As with prior versions of Sense, your apps are separated into 3 tabs: Overall, Sense 4 adds an element of friendliness and continuity that should please the average user.

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Android enthusiasts may prefer their own custom launchers, and you can use those if you like. T-Mobile loads on their usual heap of apps: You can't uninstall these, but you can disable them thanks to ICS' new disable app feature. HTC's been serious about cameras lately, so we had high expectations for the 8MP rear main camera with its BSI backside illuminated sensor , fast f.

Images are sharp and colorful with excellent detail and little noise or artifacting due to sharpening. We noted good color balance but sometimes overzealous contrast in auto mode. One thing stymies the camera: Red is often a problem with digital cameras not just camera phones , but red roses, red vans and any other large expanse of red induce color bloom that removes detail in that red subject. Pink, purple, green and blue: The camera UI is excellent watch our video review to see it in action.

There are plenty of features to entertain a serious shutterbug, and one that's unique to HTC's One series phones: Now that's cool, and also useful. Shutter times are quick at all times and you can tap to focus or rely on the camera to select the focus point.

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  2. Samsung's first 5G phone is a higher-spec Galaxy S10;
  3. T-Mobile USA’s HTC One S to ship on April 25.

We're actually more impressed with video quality than photos. Action is smooth, there's relatively little blockiness and contrast and colors are pleasing.