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Try the solution by jonnyBGood on August 12th, at 4: Draining lithium batteries is bad, and drastically decreases the life of the battery. Simon Actually, instructions on the Apple site say that fully discharging once a month extends battery life. You are right Howwie. This Apple thing sucks! It would be nice to see this issue to appear in their adds.

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Crazy, huh? Same here as Gregg, Batt. For me though, I have 3 tenants of battery conservation:. Adjust to situation manually. Only time I need it on is downloading big apps or using an appt hat requires it. Closing apps — Now with 3. I use a memory tool as well to keep my MB with as much free memory as possible. On a busy day I may need a mid day charge. On weekends, i drain it completely and charge it back up fully.

In other news, the BT radio is the most power hungry radio in the device.

You would be better off to turn 3G off and use Wi-Fi religiously. This means that your phone is constantly communicating, which can make for a power hungry hot antenna.

Another thing to watch out for is how often you are going into and out of 3G zones. Every time the service area changes the device must communicate with the network. This, like push notifications, means that your device is using the hot antenna more frequently, and consequently consuming more power. I read somewhere and tried it myself, you should try to recaliberate your battery.

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This means that you would need to run your phone until all the power drains and then fully recharge it. Try reinstalling the iPhone 3. I try to install each update about twelve times in a row just to grab that last bit of speedy goodness. I used to install updates 12 times but found that you reach optimum performance after the 8th installation. Everything after 8 is overkill. You bad boyz… ought to be ashamed… You managed to confuse Ajay….

Also, by installing a battery monitor in terminal, I can get good reliable battery results to check each reinstall. No battery issues here even with Push services turned on. If iPhone 3. I agree that Apple needs to fix this bug!

7 Mistakes That Make Your Phone Battery Go Dead

Fortunately for you, you are not experiencing the massive lost in battery life. The green bar on the battery life goes up to about half and then it drops down. So frustrating: Same here. Push was already off. My battery life is about 6 hours vs. WAY longer before. This freakin OS 3 is crap….. Funny but I have had the exact opposite effect. Since the installation of OS 3. Not huge but it does seem a little better. My settings: I have Push turned off on my 3G and Find my iPhone works pretty well. I had the problem of not holding a charge and also my phone not wanting to charge at time and the constant buzz on my pc speakers from data traffic on the phone, but I figured out what it was, I had a cracked version of text free unlimited on my phone and once I unistalled it the constant buzz stopped imediately and also my battery life returned to normal like it was with 2.

The Push setting was it for me, turned it off and my battery life went way way up, at least double, thanks for the info, it really,really helped. If you have a jailbroke phone here are the steps to fix the heat and battery drain. The rest of you are idiots. What a bonehead comment considering there is not one resolution to asll battery drain issues.

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Thanks, The reboot is the thing that fixed my 3GS for me as I have previously turned off several of the high drain settings with no effect. Now to switch things back on, one by one…. Great feedback, everyone. It does seem that this is a problem affecting only some users. Anyone else have this problem? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

I bought a new sealed iPhone 3GS from the vodafone store. Yes brand new one, it seems that they got some old phones stored of different brands and models. The problem is that this iPhone won't charge by any possible way:. I went to the vodafone customer care and they told me they can't repair or replace it by the same model but I can return the phone and can get my money back. However, I love this classic phone and I want to keep it. So my question is do you think that battery is dead because of being stored for more than 4 years or can it be something wrong with the iPhone charging circuit?

In this first case I can take the risk and pay for the new battery but I won't open the phone in the second case and I will return it. Apple does offer a one year warranty, so if you are the first buyer, you should be able to register and get them to replace the battery for free. I don't know exactly when they discontinued selling that model, but start with trying to register that device to you at support. If the voltage drops too low then you will need to replace the battery as it will never charge or even hold but a fraction of the intended energy.

Do you use Internet Tethering? There may be a problem with tethering constantly trying to connect. To make sure connection attempts are stopped turn off Wi-Fi temporarily. Exit Settings then turn Wi-Fi back on at your convenience. Some report that a hard reset or several fixes the problem. To hard reset the iPhone hold down the sleep button and home button simultaneously until the iPhone shuts off and the Apple logo appears.

We're not sure if this one helps with iOS 4. This will recalibrate the battery. Email accounts and Push could be the culprit. Setting up email accounts can be a drag, but if turning off Push alone doesn't help this is the next step.

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This will not delete your actual email messages! When all of your email accounts are deleted reset network settings, then reboot your iPhone by holding the sleep button and sliding to power off. You can turn Push back on or test the battery life keeping Push off for the time being.

When all else fails you will need to restore your iPhone with iTunes. Plug the iPhone into the computer and sync everything. Afterwards, click the Restore button in iTunes with your iPhone selected in the left side menu. Make sure you select 'Set up as a new iPhone' when asked. This will wipe all of your settings and you'll have to re-sync music and contacts, etc.

iPhone 3G battery draining too fast? Try this

You will lose all of your progress to date in Angry Birds. Although restoring as a new phone is more work, it's necessary to eliminate any problems in the backup that could be affecting battery life. Until Apple releases iOS 4. Now I turned off 3G to see if that helps. C'mon Apple! Why does this happen with every update??? Try this. Double tap ur home button. This should show up all ur multi- tasking apps u have running in the background. Hold on the icons until they wiggle and stop them from running as if u were deleting them. I had 8 pages which is 32 apps running in the background. This should help with the battery drain according to apple support.

The new OS really killed the battery life of my phone. I get less than one hour from my battery now And making phone calls? Looks like time for a restore, sounds like you have a corrupt version of the iOS firmware installed.