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Plenty of space for the USB and headphone connections, and it fits the device perfectly. I also really like the slotted grip surface on the sides, makes holding the phone feel less like I'm holding a priceless Faberge egg that I can drop and break at any moment and more like a phone handset again that can withstand normal use. I think due to screen design edge the case leave the screen slightly vulnerable to a Crack depending how it would land.

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See All Buying Options. Lamonica Boston, MA Area. This is one of the nicest cell phone cases I've ever had in my life. It's thin, easy to install, and has a great grip to it. I will say, I expected "navy" blue to be a bit darker, however, I think I like this shade of blue better than a darker blue. The outer trim color really accents the blue nicely and it's a very sharp looking case. I've gotten a lot of comments on it at work about how people like the case and ask where I got it. It's actually pretty easy to apply the case to the phone, it only took me seconds to apply it to my Samsung Galaxy S7.

The brand, Caseology, is new to me. I've seen the cases before on Amazon, however, I've never owned one until now. I am impressed. The case Currently unavailable. I bought this for my sister in law.

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Nice case and nice package. It has a clear back and silver side and is a solid fit around my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. On most cases the metal buttons go through the rubber interior so that they can click solidly against the phones button. I really like this case!

It fits my phone like a glove and it feels good in my hand. It doesn't add bulk to the phone but it keeps it protected. In fact, I just dropped my phone face down on tile floor and the way the edges of the case are designed prevented the screen of my phone from smacking against the floor. Great product! Only 4 stars cause of the limited selection of colors. Basford Richmond, KY.

Waterproof Samsung Galaxy cases from LifeProof | LifeProof

This is my first foray away from that product line, so please forgive any bias. With that being said, here is my honest review: The good: The case looks great! I was worried that the gold color would look bad against the silver phone I purchased, but the combination of the navy blue leather and gold trim accent the phone nicely!

It was very easy to install. Unlike cases I've used in the past, I didn't have to fiddle with the inner layer on this one to make sure it fit properly. The built-in buttons are fantastic! They're not your typical firm rubber protrusions that many cases have. Finally, after buying and replacing three different cases this is the one I've been waiting for!!! The knooop case is absolutely awesome!! As someone who really appreciates good design and high quality materials it is clear that Knooop laid a strong stress on creating a case that fits the phone in an organic and seamless fashion.

It's robust and strong enough to protect the phone but at the same time it's not bulky - the design is slim and minimalist and fits perfectly in the hand. The side buttons click perfectly and the openings for cables and the camera are well placed. It was also nice to receive the case within two days and in a nicely designed package. Highly recommended! I did a lot of research and tried to find just the right case for my new s7 edge.

LifeProof FRE Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Waterproof Case Review

I had put a zagg full body screen cover on it so I wasn't sure how any case would fit. I have to say this would be a perfect minimal case if not for my screen protector. It was a nice tight fit and buttons were like an extension of phone. The back did not have any problems like the halo effect people mention for clear cases and corners were well protected.

Even had a nice lip for when set face down. Read on to see our top ten picks. Check out our post comparing the S6 vs. S6 Edge , or peruse our list of the best S6 cases you can buy right now. It seems a little silly that people go to the trouble of picking out just the right color for their new phone, only to cover up the whole body of the phone with a case.

Otterbox Symmetry Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (Black)

For people who are crazy about the color option they selected for their new phone, a clear case is a great choice. This clear-body case comes with a variety of color options for the bumpers. A slim, transparent design lets you show off the lines, color, and logo on your S6 Edge. The bumpers make use of air cushion technology, which helps to disperse the impact on corners when you drop your phone.

Read More From Heavy. Why buy one case, when you can buy three? This three-in-one S6 Edge consists of a single case, but with the option to swap out one of three interchangeable bumpers. One set comes with emerald green, pearl, and pink bumpers. Another set gives you the option of gold, silver, and black bumpers. This case style is nice because of its slim profile, and the ability to swap out different bumpers.

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These cases are also treated so they will be resistant to both fingerprints and scratches. If you prefer cases that are slim, and feel like they are barely there, this is a good choice. This dual-layer case consists of a soft, shock-absorbent inner core. There are several color options to choose from, though the selection still feels a little bit limited.


If you like cases that come in several pieces, this is a good choice for you. The dual-layer construction of this case makes it feel more durable. Speck has been making their CandyShell Grip case for years now, and offers this case style for a wide range of smartphones. The S6 Edge version of this case continues the same design tradition as earlier version of this case. There are raised, rubberized lines all over the back of the case. That extra grip is really nice for times when you are using your phone one-handed, such as while texting or taking a photo.

This holster is spacious enough to fit the S6 or S6 Edge. The makers of this holster say that the S6 Edge should fit comfortably inside, even with an OtterBox or LifeProof case on it.